Breaking Fate Radio


We are currently working towards a relaunch of our network and don't have any live shows programmed at this time.  We do have a variety of shows we are preparing to debut (or re-debut) sometime soon.  Here is a list of shows currently being planned for the network.

Audio Intermission

Independent music, news and entertainment with Willy Adkins and a co-host yet to be selected. (FACEBOOK)

The Wolf's DeN

Metal music and mayhem with Wolf McKinney!  (FACEBOOK)

Intimate Encounters

The topic is Sex.  Did we get your attention?  Hosts to be announced.  (FACEBOOK)

Audio Paranormal

Radio for your paranormal headtrip!  Hosts to be announced (FACEBOOK)

Do you have a show or show idea you would like to suggest (Live or as a podcast)?  Feel free to contact us on FACEBOOK to discuss!